This is the Webkinz Fanon Wiki's policy. Abide it as much as possible.

The Rules in a Nutshell

  • G-rated to light PG. No cursing, descriptive violence, resurrection or religious themes or insults.
  • Be civil and respectful.
  • Don't vandalize anything.
  • Keep it lighthearted, possibly comical.
  • The Council is the highest authority. Everyone must listen to them.
  • Enjoy yourself, and don't ruin people's days.

Full Rules

  • You cannot own a character, a room, a game, a story, a species or anything else just because it has your name on it, or because you created it! You do however, reserve the right to deny its use in a story, edit it if other edits contradict with your intentions for said character.
    • The creator has the right to edit the article and override any changes he/she dislikes.
    • Remember, this is CC-BY-SA.
  • Anyone is free to edit any page of which you created or are heavily involved with.
  • The creator of a character, room, or article has the right to edit the article in question if other user's edits contradict with the original intention or "personality" involved in said article.
    • If an "edit war" erupts, it must be settled peacefully. If it is not settled peacefully a bureaucrat will end the war by changing the article himself/herself.
  • Everyone has the right to parody any historical event in the real world, but they must be kept clean.
    • Try using "weapons" for comical uses.
    • Wars, controversial subjects, strikes, riots, etc. must be used in a lighthearted fashion.
  • You must respect the bureaucrats, the sysops, the admins, the rollbacks, the users, the IP addresses and everyone else! (but not bots. Respecting a bot would be... awkward...)
    • Don't insult other users
    • No explicit words
    • Be respectful of others
  • Asking permission before using a character is recommended.
  • This is not an Un-Webkinz wiki like Uncyclopedia.
  • Remember, everyone of all age groups can visit, so keep all article content of a G rating.
    • Keep the love to hugging and kissing.
  • Use proper grammar.
  • Spell correctly.
  • Do not vandalize/spam.
  • No religious references to the real world which may be sensitive.
  • Anything that has adult content in it will be deleted. If you create a something like this, you could get blocked. Thrice, and you could get get blocked again if you continue to ignore our policy... indefinitely.
  • In no way should science/reality halt or hinder your imagination. Should this be the case, axe it and continue writing as if aforementioned scientific fact didn't exist. Just concoct pseudoscience (assumed science).
  • British/American spelling and grammar differences must be respected. Do not change the word(s) in question to the other spelling variation. First come first serve.
  • IN NO WAY may a user delete their articles if they quit. Unless it is something personal, such as very special art (like a picture of the actual user), it can't be eradicated. That includes images, project pages, and any other namespace.
    • In short, quitters can't take their articles with them!
  • Make sure articles do not conflict each other! There must be continuity or everything won't make sense.

Edit Wars

  • Edit wars are not allowed. If your edit is undone once or twice, it should be taken to the talk page before a mass amount of pointless edits ensue.

If an edit war does erupt, an administrator MUST end it. Here are ways to end the Edit War:

  • Merge the writings of both sides.
  • Pick a side and put their view on the article on there.
  • Rewrite the article.
  • Delete the article (if it's really bad).
  • Take it to the Council.

If the edit war continues administrators either protect the article or delete it.



There are several scenarios in which a page should be moved:

  • The title has conventional errors such as spelling, capitalization, punctuation, etc.
  • The title is not factually correct.

For moves that do not fall under this list, discussion is required on the article's talk page.

Pages may be merged; however, discussion is usually required.

This is policy.

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