• Vanessa is No.1

    Golden: Hello everybody, my name is Golden and this is my best friend Valentina

    Valentina: Hi

    Golden: And we today are going to have a Christmas Party

    Golden: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNd here are our guests

    • Courtney, Silver and Ice walk in door

    Golden: Why'd you invite all cats!, Valentina why did you invite all cats!!!

    Valentina: I didn't invite all cats

    Golden: Well who's coming that's a dog

    • Door opens, Vanessa walks in

    Vanessa: Hi honey

    • Golden Yells

    Golden: Don't call me 'Honey'

    Golden: Valentina, your guests are terrible

    Valentina: We just wanted a Christmas Party

    Golden: I know but this crowd is...

    Golden: 3 annoying Cats and my girlfriend, well that's what she tells everybody

    Vanessa: Hey that's not fair

    Golden: I DON'T LIKE YOU

    Vanessa: I'm wearing …

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